Pevino Imperial Eco leader in energy efficiency


Among the market leaders with low energy consumption and low noise level only 35dB

50% lower energy consumption

Extremely quiet, only 35dB

31% reduced CO2 emissions


All the shelves are fully retractable and consist of a stylish combination of oak and black metal, which result in some cool contrasts to your bottles. As something rather unique, all the bottles lie with the label outward, which apar from being visually impressive also gives a good overview of your bottles before you even open the door. Furthermore, the shelves are designed to contain all types of bottles.

Innovative wine cooler designed in Denmark

Pevino Imperial Eco belongs to the super premium segment and is for those who wish to measure themselves with the professionals and really wish to pamper their wine. The wine coolers come with the best compressor on the market that ensures a constant low noise level of 35 dB, which makes it ideal to have them placed in a prominent spot in your home. 

Low noise level

Pevino Imperial Eco doesn't just have improved energy consumption. It is also among the quietest wine coolers on the market with only 35dB, halving the noise level of previous models. The wine cooler is therefore ideal for the living room or open-plan kitchen, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of your bottles.

Your future wine cooler

Pevino Imperial Eco are Market leaders with low energy consumption and low noise level (35dB). 
Room for 96 bottles of all types from champagne to bordeaux. You can adjust the temperature between 5-18°C depending on whether it is a single or dual zone wine cooler.