About PeVino

PeVino is a range of wine coolers designed and developed in Denmark by Jakob Dau.

He has years of solid experience in the commerce of wine storage solutions for professionals and dedicated amateurs. This has given Jakob Dau a unique insight in the desires of the client and the requirements of the bottles. Besides his commercial entrepreneurship, Jakob Dau has a background as an electrician and he is a passionate amateur wine grower. In 2014 the first sketchings emerged from the innovative and creative mind of Jakob Dau. Based on his knowledge of optimal wine storage combined with the most sought after design features the first prototypes were produced in 2015. Extensive tests and inspections were contucted by the the PeVino team and their professional partners in order to seek out perfection in functionality and aesthetics. It has always been the goal for PeVino to create the ultimate wine cooler. The PeVino range was presented for the first time in the fall of 2016.

Cavecool - Cool design and Cool quality at a Cool price

In 2018 PeVino presented the newest addition to the family: Cavecool. Cavecool is a new brand of wine coolers, offering maximum value for money with cool minimalistic Danish design.

Company information

Pevino ApS

Rønnevangsalle 8

3400 Hillerød


Telephone: (+45) 42 90 33 44

E-mail: info@pevino.com

VAT number: DK-37378828

Bank: Danske Bank

Account 3001 12652992

IBAN: DK79 3000 0012 6529 92


Media kit

» Download environment pictures of the PeVino wine coolers.